We are looking forward to the 2023-2024 School Year and we can’t wait to see students back at Loesche on September 5, 2023!

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

We are a diverse community of Loesche Leaders committed to living our core values and reaching our full potential.

Our Student Code

Loesche Learners are Leaders!
Loesche strives to achieve students that recognize they must:
·  Take care of self
·  Take care of others
·  Take care of things

Our Mission

William H. Loesche Elementary School is a diverse community where students are encouraged to embrace learning to discover their potential in a safe, caring and inclusive environment. All members of our school community exemplify our core values as we lead by example demonstrating how to be positive, respectful, and responsible citizens. Our teaching practices are grounded in providing an academic foundation being both reflective and responsive to the needs of our students. Through true differentiation, curiosity-driven classrooms, and high expectations, our staff prepares students by engaging them in rigorous and relevant learning opportunities promoting academic, physical, social, and emotional growth. In partnership with families and the community, we ensure the needs of all students are heard and met, thus encouraging students to become confident, successful lifelong learners. At Loesche, we celebrate the cultural and social backgrounds of every member of our school community. Our focus is on forming well-rounded, positive relationships in a supportive, welcoming environment where students receive exemplary instruction serving as the foundation for them to become responsible, productive citizens in a global society.

Important Information

School/Family Compact