Family Expectations

While the student should assume the major responsibility for their success at Loesche, parents and guardians are encouraged to take an active interest in the educational program at Loesche.
Help your child by doing the following things:

·  Attend school each day ON TIME at 8:10 AM or before.
·  Ask about homework every day
·  Provide a definite time and suitable place for studying and homework
·  Purchase and replenish all supplies requested by the teacher.
·  Make resource materials available (dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.)
·  Check your child’s work for neatness
·  Arrange with the teacher for homework assignments if an absence is known in advance
·  Be sure to establish bedtime routines and good eating practices
·  Ensure students get proper rest each day
·  Do NOT schedule family vacations during instructional days during the school year. They will be unexcused absences. Please arrange vacations around school holidays/days off from school.

If your child needs to be absent, please send in an absence note.

Graduation and Promotion Requirements

Promotion/Retention Policy
A student will be assigned to a summer program if he/she:

Has failed Reading (Grade 3), Language Arts (Grade 4), or English (Grades 5-8); or has failed Mathematics; or has scored below the 26th percentile in reading or math in the fall administration of the TerraNova.
Has not completed either a multidisciplinary or service learning project (Grade 8 only).
The decision is made to promote or retain the student at the end of the summer program. Failure to meet promotion/retention qualifications may result in Grade 8 students being excluded from Closing Exercises.
*Note: The Promotion/Retention Policy is set by the School District and is subject to changes.


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