Counselor’s Corner


I hope you find the information on this page helpful!

Loesche Learners are students who exhibit the qualities of those who love learning.  They are on time, prepared and active participants in the learning process. Our Loesche School Community – the teachers, staff, Home & School Association and you, help make Loesche the amazing school that it is. We celebrate diversity in culture and promote student individuality.  Our goal for this year is to continue to move from good to GREAT as we transform learners into leaders!

We encourage parents to become active members of the school community. Thank you for your support!

Please feel free to reach out to me via phone at 215-400-3020 or email at

How You Can Help Your Child Succeed in School
While the student should assume the major responsibility for their success at Loesche, parents and guardians are encouraged to take an active interest in the educational program at Loesche.
Help your child by doing the following things:
·           Attend school each day ON TIME!
·           Ask about homework every day
·           Provide a definite time and suitable place for studying and homework
·           Purchase and replenish all supplies requested by the teacher.
·           Make resource materials available (dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.)
·           Check your child’s work for neatness
·           Arrange with the teacher for homework assignments if an absence is known in advance
·           Be sure to establish bedtime routines and good eating practices
·           Ensure they get proper rest each day
·           Do NOT schedule family vacations during instructional days during the school year.  They will be unexcused absences.  Please arrange vacations around school holidays/days off from school.